The Cornelia Home Holiday Gift Guide

Looking to shop small this holiday season? Or maybe you’re just looking to give something a bit more unique this year.

Either way, we’ve got the perfect gift ideas for everyone on your list!

Gifts $30 and Under

These are $30 or under, but they’ll never know. Our premium products always bring high-end vibes.

Room Sprays

Give them the best way to refresh their home, car and linens: one of our room sprays. Available in our entire range of scents, they’ll thank you every time they spritz. It’s a great stocking stuffer and completely safe for use around pets!

What customers are saying: “Love that this product is all natural and the scent is just amazing. I use this daily and can’t believe how well it works! Highly recommend!” - Faye

Give to: your secret Santa, work bestie or your kids’ teacher.

Best-selling scents: Him, Her and Serenity.

Reed Diffusers

Our reed diffusers are the perfect gift for the person on your list who is always at the forefront of trends. They’re growing more popular by the day and infuse the room with fragrance while looking oh so chic.

What customers are saying: “This diffuser is the quintessential holiday hostess gift! I’ve given a few out this season and everyone loves them! Classy, festive, and delightful - what more could you want?” - Chelsea

Give to: your trendy friend, holiday party hosts or take to a White Elephant party.

Best-selling scents: November, December, Her, Him and Allure.

Gifts Under $50: Candles

A candle is always a great gift, but an all-natural candle from Cornelia Home is an easy way to knock it out of the park. Our candles are formulated with 100% coconut wax, wooden wicks and all-natural fragrance and essential oils, making them a cleaner, safer alternative to store-bought candles.

What customers are saying: “I bought one for myself and one to give as a Christmas gift. I couldn't be more pleased with the product. It came beautifully packaged so I am thrilled to give it to my friend and it smells amazing! I have been moving toward cleaner, healthier scents and appreciate that this candle is safe for my family. Will be ordering more as gifts for sure.” - Carolyn

Give to: anyone you want to impress.

Best-selling scents: December, November, Serenity, Allure and Her.

Gifts for Him

It’s no secret that men are often the hardest to shop for. Does he really need another tie, power tool or set of highball glasses? We didn’t think so. A Cornelia Home product is the perfect way to give him something he didn’t know he needed. Choose from one of our coconut wax candles, a room spray, a reed diffuser or put together a gift box with all three.

What customers are saying: “This is my boyfriend's favorite scent [Rainfall]. I light the candle for a cozy evening and the next morning the space still carries the pleasant scent. But my favorite thing is that my candle has not shrunk! I believe the advertised 50 hours is going to be real.” - Joy

Give to: your boyfriend, husband, dad or brother.

Best-selling scents: Him, Rainfall and Allure.

Gifts for Her

Instead of heading to your nearest bath and body store to pick up a candle or air freshener, try one of ours. It’s cleaner, more unique and she’ll know you didn’t just pick something up at the mall. Choose from our candles, room sprays and reed diffusers to create the perfect gift for her. We guarantee she’ll love it.

What customers are saying: “These candles are wonderful! Every scent is perfect, the scent throws across the entire room, and lingers in the air. I would buy every single full size candle.” - Vye

Give to: your girlfriend, wife, sister, BFF, mom or grandma.

Best-selling scents: Serenity, Her and Aura.

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