Why We Love Wooden Wick Candles

One of the things that make Cornelia Home™ candles so special - the crackling wooden wick. In addition to being eco-friendly, they create unmatched ambiance and an overall better candle experience.

Candles in metal tins with wooden wicks

Why Wooden Wicks?

There are a lot of reasons we—and our customers—love wooden wicks…

Crackling Ambiance

One of the most popular features of wood wicks is the gentle crackling sound they make as they burn. The soothing crackle is reminiscent of a real wood-burning fireplace, enhancing your overall experience.

A More Even Burn

Have you ever noticed your candle wax only melting in a small circle around the wick? If so, that’s called tunneling and it means you’re not getting the most life out of your candle. Wood wicks are designed to promote an even burn across the entire surface. When properly maintained (more on that later), a wood wick helps prevent tunneling.

Cleaner Burn

Another benefit to keeping your wooden wick properly trimmed, they don’t produce soot or smoke. This results in a cleaner burn, making them better for your family and your home (no more candle soot stains).

Aesthetic Appeal

A burning candle automatically makes any room more cozy, but a crackling wick candle adds even more sophistication. Because they are wider than traditional wicks, the flame is larger and more visually striking.

Better Fragrance Throw

Wood wicks allow the candle’s scent to spread more effectively. This means the fragrance will carry farther and fill up a larger space.

Wood Wick Candle Care

As we mentioned, maintaining your wood wick is key to getting the most out of your candle. But don’t worry, this maintenance takes just a few seconds. Here are the three things you need to think about with your wooden wick candles:
  1. Let The Surface Melt on the First Burn - The first time you light your candle, let the entire surface melt (approximately 2-4 hours). This helps prevent tunneling in the future.
  2. Be Mindful of Burn Time - Avoid burning your wooden wick candle for extended periods. Burning for a maximum of 4 hours at a time helps maintain the integrity of the wood and preserve the fragrance.
  3. Keep The Wick Trimmed - Regularly trimming the wooden wick helps control the size of the flame and prevents soot.

How to Cut Wooden Wicks

Cutting your candle’s wood wick is simple, but necessary after the first burn. Using a wooden wick trimmer, cut the burnt wood from the top of the wick. Don’t have a wick trimmer? A pair of nail clippers works well! Be careful not to cut the wick too low as this can cause it not to light properly. Repeat this each time you light the candle.

candle in a glass jar with a wood wick trimmer in front

Choose All-Natural, Wood Wick Candles from Cornelia Home

In addition to crackling wood wicks, our premium candles are formulated with 100% pure coconut wax and natural fragrance and essential oils. Our unique, sophisticated fragrance blends make them the perfect addition to any home.

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